Our Apartment and Commercial Property Inspection Software Allows You to Make the Right Investment Decisions
  • Pre-purchase Physical Inspection and Assessment
  • Construction Punch – Acceptance by Management
  • Bond or Tax Credit Financing Regulation Compliance
  • HUD Compliance Verification
  • Insurance and Risk Assessment
  • Budget Preparation and Auditing
  • Renovation Feasibility Assessment
  • Fast
  • Concise
  • Accurate
  • Comprehensive
  • Flexible set up
  • Per Unit Inventory and Review
  • Customize Alerts – Nothing Overlooked
  • Easily Assign Accountability
  • Simplify financing strategies with hyper accurate documentation
  • Cumulative reporting with heads-up alerts
  • Created by property management professionals
  • Adaptable to multiple real estate platforms

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WHAT IS multifamilyduediligence.com?

best tablet technology inspection software for speed and precision

MultifamilyDueDiligence.com is a tablet based software that compiles real estate property inspection information for accurate valuation and budgeting assessment.

The property inspection program lets your unit inspection team compile unit inspection criteria for appliances, windows, flooring, etc. They can even take photos and videos of the unit and all data is compiled in real time for immediate reporting after each inspection segment.

MultifamilyDueDiligence.com keeps track of what has been completed, what information is missing, and it allows inspectors to communicate status in real time.  The software is ideal for pre-purchase evaluation and analysis, construction finalization and approval, HUD, bond or tax credit regulation compliance inspection, insurance risk assessment, budgeting, renovation projection and progress, exterior repairs and substantiating financial condition.  Save on insurance premiums by conducting safety inspections.

Customized category topics are unlimited whether the property is high rise, mid-rise, or garden style; it includes sections for interior or common area inspections and inventory. The program can easily adapt to hotel condition inspections or other commercial property inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am not very computer savvy, how does this program make inspections easier?
A. Multifamily Due Diligence is all you need to organize and execute a comprehensive building inspection.  It eliminates clipboards, loose papers, binders, and confusion.  Since each community is set up with individual criteria, just touch the screen to answer the query.

You don’t have to worry about missing an item; you can tell at a glance.  Additionally, we have building type templates that make the set up super easy.

Q. One of the hardest things about doing an inspection is adding up all those sheets, not to mention reading “walking” handwriting.  How does Multifamily Due Diligence help keep it all straight?
A. The program is self-calculating, so when you are done inspecting, your totals and tabulations are already complete.

Q.What is this about being able to stay in constant communication with your team mates during and inspection?
A. Multifamily Due Diligence has an alert system for sharing instant communications and updates so you know where your team members are located and what they have so far accomplished: great scheduling feature.

Q. What other inspection lists are included in the software?
A. Any that you like, the lists are unlimited, but we recommend adding a maintenance supply inventory, equipment inventory, furniture inventory, and a list of potential liability items. Did you know regular safety inspections can positively affect insurance premiums?


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